Senior Diploma (Chitra Bhushan I, II & III)

Course Details:

Course Title : Fine Art (Painting) - Senior Diploma (Chitra Bhushan)
Course Duration : 3 Years
Days : Thrice a week, except Wednesday
Days : Both, weekdays and weekend classes available according to requirement.
Minimum Requirement : 12 Years and above
Course Fee : Please contact school office in person.

Theory : Total Marks: 50.
Practical & Outdoors : Marks: 50 + 25.
Work Exhibition : Marks: 25.
Chitra Bhushan-I (Diploma - 1st Year)
» Theory
  • Pre- Historic Period, Indus Valley Civilization, Mauryan Period, Sunga Period, Kushan Period and Gandhara Period.
  • Patna or Company School of art.
  • Short notes on - Mosaic, Aesthetics, Composition, Mudra, Mural, Beauty.
  • Perspective & its types.
  • Eye level - Its use in Painting.
  • Horizon - Its use in Painting.
    • Explain the terms such as - Vanishing Point, Foreground, Middle Ground, and Back Ground.
    • Short notes on - Force, Free-hand, Rhythm.
» Practical
  • Practice of line drawing and free hand drawing.
  • Use of perspective in drawing - In landscapes, still lifes.
  • Drawings from objects, Nature study, Mass, Volume and Proportion. Creating solidity by line and light & shade. (Medium- Pencil Shading, Water Colours or Oil- Colours.
  • Ornamental & Geometrical designs - on sheet using two- three colours.
    ( Medium - Poster colours)
  • Typography: size 5"x3" cm in English only. ( Medium - Pen ink/ Poster Colours)
» Previous year's syllabus is also included.

Chitra Bhushan-II (Diploma - 2nd Year)
» Theory
  • History of Indian Art.
    • Gupta Period.
    • Ajanta, Bagh, Sittanavassal, Badami, Ellora, Elephanta Cave Paintings.
    • Jain School of Painting.
    • Rajasthani Paintings.
      • Chinese Art, Greek Art- Classical & Hellenistic Period, Roman Art.
      • Aesthetics.
  • Shadangas of Indian Art.
  • Theories of Creativity & Rasa.
  • Aesthetic Judgement.
  • Short Notes on - Intuition, Beauty, Religion, Morality, Sculpture, Miniature.
» Practical
  • Design: Geometrical or Floral (Ornamental) Using ratio & proportion. Simple all: over designs for curtains, and corner designs for table cloth.
    (Medium: Poster Colours, Maximum 4 colours.)
  • Study of Colours: The Colour wheel. Nature of Colours - i.e. Value, Tint, Hue, Intensity, Tones and Shades of every colour.
  • Landscape: Sketching and Colouring from nature, on the spot landscaping.
    ( Medium - Water Colour; Imperial sheet)
» Previous year's syllabus is also included.

Chitra Bhushan-III (Diploma - Final Year)
» Theory
  • History of Indian Art:
    • Mughal Period, Pahari School of Art ( Guler, Kangra, Basholi, Chamba, Kullu, Garhwal).
    • Western Indian Manuscripts (Palm leaf).
  • Indian Sculptures:
    • Origin of Indian Sculptures.
    • Sculptures from Mohen-Jo-Daro and Harrappa.
    • Sculpture of Mauryan period.
  • History of Western Art:
    • Early Christian and Byzantine Art.
    • Renaissance of Italy.
  • Aesthetics:
    • Comparison between Indian and Western style of figure drawing.
    • Difference between Modern & Abstract Art.
    • Define terms: Realistic Art, Folk Art, Antique study, Life study and Graphics.
» Practical
  • Antique study: Any two to three pieces of sculpture.
    (Medium: Pencil or charcoal)
  • Life Study: Sketching of a Model sitting before you. Full life size. Medium Pencil Shading.
  • Landscape: Sketching from nature.
  • Designs: Overall designs for Saree and Curtain cover, Design for table cloth, Pillows.
» Previous year's syllabus is also included.

Sanskruti News

Sanskruti School of Fine Art is proud to be associated with Google for judging the entries for


contest 2012. The theme of Doodle 4 Google India 2012 is 'India: A prism of multiplicity. On October, this year,
Google invited enthusiastic participants between the ages of 5-16 years to design and create a logo.
And after much evaluation, the judges gave their verdict by voting Arun Kumar Yadav's doodle as the national winner.
Google has also declared the category winners of the competition.

Category Winners:

Class 1-3:

Vasudevan Deepak, Devgiri CMI Public School, Calicut The Great Banyan

Class 4-7:

Shravya Manjunath, Mitra Academy, Bangalore Unity in dance disperses vibrant colours

Class 8-10:

S. Preetham Paul, Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, T.P.T. Branch, Vishakhapatnam Striding Forward the Unity
Sanskruti School of Fine Art organized a demonstration cum workshop on application of acrylic colours, in association with

M/s Pidilite Industries ltd. on 10th November 2012 at school premises.

All the senior students participated in the event and learned the various application techniques of acrylic colours.

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