Specialization (Chitra Bhaskar I & II, Equivalent to Masters Degree*)

Chitra Bhaskar - I & II I & II (Equivalent to Masters Degree*)

Course Title : Chitra Bhaskar (Master of Fine Art)
Course Duration : 2 Years
Days : Both, weekdays and weekend classes available according to requirement.
Minimum Requirement : Bachelor of Fine Art from a recognised university/ Chitra Visharad & Should have completed 18 years of age.
Course Fee : Please contact school office in person.
Chitra Bhaskar I, (Specialization- Previous- Equivalent to M.F.A)

Examination Scheme:

Theory & Practical : Total Marks: 400.
Paper 1: Theoretical : Marks: 100.
Paper 2: Theoretical
i) History of Western Art
ii) History of Indian Art
: Marks: 100.
Practical : Marks: 125.
Work Exhibition : Marks: 75.

Theory Paper I (Theoretical)
  • i) Preparation of Human Figure
    ii) Study of Male and Female Torso
  • Content and Form – Detailed Study
  • Empathy, Tempera, Oil Painting, Cabinet Painting
  • Pallette and its use in Oil Painting
  • Write notes on: Henry Matisse, El –Greco, Pieter Brugel, Jamini Roy and Krishan Khanna
  • The role of sub-conscious state in artistic creations

Theory Paper II (History and works of Western & Indian Artist)
  • Indian artists of 20th century – Rabindra Nath Tagore, Nandalal Bose, Amrita Shergill, M.F.Hussain, Satish Gujral.
  • Western Artists – Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian, Rubens, Brugle, Turner, Monet, Manet and Rembrandt. (Explain their work and style of painting)
  • Expressionism and Post- Expressionism

  • Study from life.
    Head study of both Male, Female and Child (2each)
    Proportionate study of Birds and Animals.
    Human Anatomy.
    Medium- Pencil, Water and Oil; Size : Full Imperial
  • Composition:
    Any ten composition – Social, Economic conditions.
  • Mural Designing, decorative panels(on wooden furniture)
    Medium – Poster Colours; Size – ½ Imperial

  • Minimum 5 to 10 Sheets to be prepared on every topic by students
  • Files to be prepared . Exhibition of students work are compulsory.
  • Courses prescribed for the previous year is included
Chitra Bhaskar Part-II, (Specialization- Final, Equivalent to M.F.A))

Theory : Total Marks: 400.
Paper 1 Theoretical : Marks: 100.
Paper 2:
i) Essays
ii) Aesthetics
: Marks: 50
Marks: 50.
Practical : Marks: 125.
Work Exhibition : Marks: 75.

Theory Paper I (Theoretical)
  • South and North Indian Temples.
  • The Gupta Age (Golden era of Sculpture and Art)
  • The sculpture of Mahabalipuram and Contemporary Sculptures
  • Ivory Carvings
  • Write notes on: Paul Gaugin, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Boticelli, Edgar Degas, Albrecht Durer, Edward Munich.
  • Explain the Isms: Dadaism, Fauvism, Abstractionism, Constructivism.

Theory Paper II

Part A: Essays
  • Shadangas of Indian Art.
  • Qualities of a Good Composition.
  • Importance of Lines in painting.
  • Importance of Art in everyday life.
  • A note on theory of creativity and Rasa.
  • Importance of Abstraction in Art.
  • Difference between Folk Art and Painting Art.
  • Stupas of Sanchi.
  • Emotional effects of Colours on Human Beings.
  • Naturalistic and Realistic Art.

Part B : Aesthetics
  • Define – Engraving, Lithography, Etching, Colour and Expression, tone building process.
  • Creative artist and his evidence.
  • Explain these terms - op art, pop art and conceptual art.
  • Good composition and its basic rules.
  • Process of judgement of any creation.
  • Inter-relationship of visual and performing art.

  • Composition – Such as environment, Folk art of any state or social function.
    Medium- Water and Oil; Size : ½ Imperial Sheet
  • Designs:
    i) Painting designs for – saree, curtain, bedsheets. ii) Panel designs – Hotel, Library, Public Halls, Bus Stands, Railway Stations etc.
    Medium – Poster Colour; Size – ½ Imperial
  • Life drawings:
    Sketch and colour the model sitting before you
    Medium – Water and Oil; Size – Full Imperial
  • Minimum 5 to 10 Sheets to be prepared on every topic by students
  • Files to be prepared . Exhibition of students work are compulsory.
  • Courses prescribed for the previous year is included.

Sanskruti News

Sanskruti School of Fine Art is proud to be associated with Google for judging the entries for


contest 2012. The theme of Doodle 4 Google India 2012 is 'India: A prism of multiplicity. On October, this year,
Google invited enthusiastic participants between the ages of 5-16 years to design and create a logo.
And after much evaluation, the judges gave their verdict by voting Arun Kumar Yadav's doodle as the national winner.
Google has also declared the category winners of the competition.

Category Winners:

Class 1-3:

Vasudevan Deepak, Devgiri CMI Public School, Calicut The Great Banyan

Class 4-7:

Shravya Manjunath, Mitra Academy, Bangalore Unity in dance disperses vibrant colours

Class 8-10:

S. Preetham Paul, Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan, T.P.T. Branch, Vishakhapatnam Striding Forward the Unity
Sanskruti School of Fine Art organized a demonstration cum workshop on application of acrylic colours, in association with

M/s Pidilite Industries ltd. on 10th November 2012 at school premises.

All the senior students participated in the event and learned the various application techniques of acrylic colours.

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